38 seconds

A project by Laura Bianco and Hanna Thomschke.


In Lago, a tipical village of Veneto, I’ve found a misterious story which breaks the normality of the place.
It is told that, at the end of the First World War an Austro-Hungarian train was thrown into the lake, in order to prevent the enemies from taking it.
Year by year, the clay under the lake covered the train, but fishermen still say that sometimes, if you stay very close to the surface of the lake, you can still hear the noise of the train coming from the water.


silence // silence // silence //
my evening dance / cover of my fluid words / colour on my skin /
where are you / where are you when I watch childrenfishers on the sea /
where are you on the edge of my daydreams /
where is your cooling hand / that saves me / saving me / saving me /
from unnecessary explosions / sion plo ex / sion plo ex / sion //
which is the only one that catchs my fire //
those days are made for you and me /
and when I look out of window it’s you /
laying softly over the green mountains //



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