Connecting the spaces

A project by Nagore Olarra San Josè.


A bridge is in essence a line, a line that connects two spaces and becomes the transit place, crossing place, the connector between both.
By the use of a common, human object like a rope and painting it in orange because of Pro Loco’s flag (Lagos’ association), that is yellow and red, I’m generating a transitional dialogue between the different spaces of the territory. Then I’m constructing a bridge between two trees near by the lake, one from Lago’s lake and another one from the starting of the other lake, trying to make a deconstruction of the different territories, trying to generate an intercultural dialogue. I’ve also created a bridge between an old house and a new one, talking about the inhabit spaces, and generated at least the third space, the non-existent square of the village that seems to be the meeting point for them. You can see the construction of the borders of the square there, trying to break the real borders of life and making an interpersonal speech. The rope is aloft, making it airy and delicate, and talks about the exchange, the mix between different people and spaces, generating re-connections that allow us to transformate, to transit, to grow up.


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