Un progetto di Julia Fuentesal e Pablo Muñoz de Arenillas.



Singularity from J.Fuentesal y P.Muñoz Arenillas on Vimeo.

Singularity, from a physical point of view, is defined like a place of space-time where it doesn«t exist gravitational physical quantity. We start to look for reasons of existence, as two individuals who have found each other, in different conditions of space time, coinciding in a certain place, thus showing emerging parallels between all of us. We look for this footprints forgotten in the village of Lago, real stories, classifying objects of one of its habitants and documenting the accumulation of materials to subsistence of village. And in that way define that point in space-time that represents the “ego” of people in Lago. The “ego” like circular volume almost perfect (duplication of existence), floating in undefined spaces (singularity), but not unknown for reminds (footprints in the texture).

“…das Dasein ist rund, the existence is round, because adding that seems round is keep a duplication of existence and appearance, when that we want to say is that existence in its whole roundness.” Gaston Bachelard, The poetics of space (1958).






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